Martes, Pebrero 21, 2012

My Boring Day Surprise

It was a lazy day for me. Not quite my usual day offs, I don’t know why. I already did the chores at home, cooked our meals, watered the plants and fed my baby dog and yet I was still bored.

I called my boyfriend at his office and asked him what he was doing, he told me he just came out from a meeting and he is now planning to have coffee at a coffee shop infront of their office. I told him not to go there because I want to come to his office and be with him. Then he said yes.

I went to his office hurriedly, as is there was no traffic while I was driving. I was excited when I reached the door of the building where his office is. I was bringing him some burgers which I bought from a drive thru fastfood chain, and a cup of coffee for his stressed mind. 

When I got inside of his office, he was nowhere. All my excitement disappeared like bubbles. I dropped the food on his desk and sat down on his couch.

After 10 minutes of waiting, he still didn’t show up. So, I just decided to leave a note on his desk and go home. 

When I was about to get to the parking area, I saw him standing infront of my car. Surprised, I walked fast toward him and slapped him because I was so pissed that he again let me wait for him. It was the second time he did this to me. Remember our month anniversary?

But before I could say anything, he knelt down and pulled out something on his pocket. It was a box!
Okay, I don’t want to be married or engaged yet. So, I told him right away that if that is an engagement ring, I will not accept it because I still do not want to be hitched yet. 

He laughed because he wasn’t going to give me a ring. He just wanted to surprise me with the necklace I’ve been dreaming about! 

It was something that I saw in the internet. I didn’t show it to him because I was planning to buy it using my credit card. I guess he saw me mouth-watering for it. 

I was teary-eyed when he wore it to me. He told me that he knows that I’ve wanted that thing so bad, so he thought of buying it before I do.

I was so happy. It was indeed one of the most memorable boring-turned-happy-day-off of my life.
Thanks, babe.

Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2012


Nude photography is about the representation of the human body in bare figure. These photographs are not intended for eroticism but merely for the learning of the human body. Here, the face is not all the time the main point and the work are stylized with trialing in terms of light and backgrounds.

The process is an art but can at times engage scientific-like meticulousness. It is touching rather than unambiguous. And it is not as trouble-free as simply captivating snapshots of a naked body. 

Preparation is still the best thing you can do before you start your nude photography. There are 4 things you MUST prepare prior to having your shoot.  
  • Model
  • The studio or location
  • The camera
  • The initial poses
Model The model does not have to be very enticing or seducing. The model has to have a well-proportioned shape, a good skin and she/he has to be emotionally ready.  But since photography is an art, it can also be possible to have a model that has a not-so-proportional body. 

Trust is an emotional requirement; the model should not feel uncomfortable with the shoot. It’s a reason why newbies in nude photography choose their wives or girlfriends as their models.  

The model should not end up shivering because of the coldness of your studio. You will not feel chilly because you are wearing you’re clothes.  The studio should be warm. Shivering while posing almost naked do not go fine as one. Sheets and blankets should be readily available after the shoots. 

Mostly, dark backgrounds are preferred by photographers. As a newbie, it is advised to explore this kind of background before getting into others. 

Because the character or nature of the photography is nude, the model would much appreciate if the photographer is not that close to her while in posing. Thus, it is best to have longer focal span, such as the 70-200 mm lenses.

Initial poses – if your models haven’t posed nude before, it is best to make some initial or primary poses in your mind. This will make the model a little confident because he/she knows that the director knows what he is doing.

You become an artist who seeks for beauty when you are already into photo shooting. When To make the most of the beauty of the subject.

Using the right lighting

Lighting is one of the most significant elements to get wonderful photos. To emphasize curves and to make shadows, you need to have lights.  It is very improper to have harsh lights.

Black and white – black and white style can easily hide the skin imperfections of the model.  It can also bring drama the photo.  

Monos can be useful when you’re trying to achieve accented form and tone in your shots. Sometimes color can be a disturbance when you are trying to shoot the shapes and contours of the human body. Using black and white can also help you to overcome any white balance problems you may experience.

Soft light – Direct daylight makes callous images. Consequently, soft studio lights are good in this kind of photography. 

Natural light – if the weather is good and you and your model are venturesome, you can go outside on a morning or evening light and shoot. But in here, you need to have a place where no one can see you. With light, you can show a harmony between the feminine body and the environment.

Add mysterySome of the most attractive nude pictures are those that keep the model’s identity a mystery. This can be done by using covers to partially obscure the face or by keeping the face of the model turned away.

Some subjects prefer not having their face in the shot to protect their anonymity. Having your model face away from the camera also concentrates the viewer’s attention on the body shapes and tones. Sometimes a model's face can cause a distraction in your picture.


Use your imagination: Less is more

Nude photography doesn’t constantly signify that your model has to be totally unclothed. It is better to make an icon that excites and inspires your viewer’s mind's eye. By combine stylish poses and incompletely covering some areas of the body, the shot can be interesting, at the same time as not being as revealing. Sometimes less is more.

Keep it clean

Keep your props related to the shot. It can distract a viewer’s eye when a prop is wrongfully placed. Remember, your focus is the model, not the props. Make use of plain backgrounds and as much as possible balancing to the complexion of the model.

Now that you have all the ways to start a nude photo shoot, it’s time to look for your model. Well, there are lots of models in the world –young or old, free or paid, white or black. Get ready for the best experience you’ll have as a photographer.